Developing the Smart Village vision and strategy

According to the current legislation, the concept of “Smart Village” means the set of activities and projects implemented at the level of municipalities that meet the cumulative requirements of: smart specialization, transition to a low-carbon economy, digitalization and aim to provide smart public services to the population and increase the standard of living of the population.

Our team offers consulting services to public authorities for the development of the Smart Village Vision and Strategy, as part of the Local Development Strategy.

Under this strategy, municipalities within functional urban areas, as eligible beneficiaries, can develop in partnership with county municipalities, municipalities and cities, projects aimed at urban regeneration, mobility and projects on smart solutions for connecting to utilities.

We collaborate with experienced specialists in the Smart City/Smart Village fields and address the problems faced by your locality in order to maintain or increase the local identity by using smart technologies, as a solution to increase economic opportunities, to decongest traffic or to solve the problems of access to public building and social services.

The development of the Smart Village Vision and Strategy will go through the following stages:

1. Analysis of the existing socio-economic and environmental situation;
2. Consultation of stakeholders;
3. Development of the vision for the digital transformation of the locality;
4. Drafting the Smart Village Strategy (concept, objectives, priorities);
5. Discussions on the strategy proposal and its approval as a normative act.

Consultancy services for the preparation and elaboration of the Smart Village Vision and Strategy for the period 2021 – 2027, can be requested under Law no. 98/2016 on public procurement by direct award, CPV code 71241000-9 – Feasibility studies, consultancy services, analysis.